I think that the biggest artist in this universe is the almighty God which is unshaped and unexplainable and we are only a constituent of it. Many of us experience the presence of God in various forms of art amd this art had given birth to an artist like us. Many of the visible and invisible things in this universe can be shown in front of you all with the help of an art or picture which is the only particular task of an artist. The development of good and perfect painting can be created by the artist with the help of his thorough study, imagination, his observance and experiences, understandings on colors, shapes and shade light.

       At my early stages of development as an artist in childhood, my sole back-support and inspiration were My parentswith continuous and precious guidance of my teachers through which my art developed in each room. Then I realized that there was no mean of life without this art.In childhood days I liked to draw paintings which gave me immense pleasure and happiness. That time my first painting was taken by an art lover in seven rupees and then this hobby of drawing art turned into earning money for me. Since from early childhood, I made drawings from the printed pictures and then I joined Drawing College for thorough education in this subject.Throughout my five years of College, I stood First-Class First and was one ofthe first six persons in merit list of Maharashtra. While learning in Drawing College, I participated in various drawing competitions and got many prizes and awards which boost my confidence with a lot of excitement for an artist within me.

       From childhood I was inclined to art. With the blessing of my parents and the riht guidance of my guru Shri Ravishankar, I completed my 5 years of drawing and painting scoring a 1ST grade throughout my career. During these 5 Years, I met guru Shri. Harishchandra Chavan Sir who guided me in painting various covers for comics.It was during this period that I won a lot of awards, also I have won many awards in my commerical jobs. Later I was fortunate to meet late guru Shri. Pratap Mulick Sir , under whose guidance I got a chance to work on different subjects which helped me to create my own style moulding me into a full fleshed artist.

       I have done a lot of work on comics and their covers which help me to have a good hand on drawing and coloring. Thereafter in drawing profession, I drawn pictures on different subjects such as calendars, posters, portraits and drawing related print media (book jackets and advertisement illustrations). These pictures gave me publicity in this article world. I have done various commercial works. e.g Illustration on child Lord Krishna of a television serial/song programme, 'Geet Gopal' which was Shri films presentations and produced by Mr.Anand Madgulkar, drawings on Geet Ramayan, annual calendars of Deepak Fertilizers, painting of an Ashtavinayak album from Fountain music company.

       I have also been awarded for ' Best illustration award 2006' in print media category, for book cover of 'Jijausaheb',a book of Swami Publication.

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