Horses have been useful to man fot thousand of years. Man used horses for travelling,carrying loads,to pull plows and wagons on farms. The Royal families used it for racing,sports and during at war times horse played a vital role. Above all our these mythologytell us that horse were used for sacrifice very popularly known as 'Ashwamadha'(horse sacrifice) that is why I find this word horse very harsh so I have called it 'Ashwa'.

As an artist I feel an horseis described with lot of adjectives, first and foremost irrelevant of its color it looks beautiful. Its body has grace and gallant,it gives out strength,power,forse and swiftness.One when look at horse you feel energetic along with enthusiam and happiness.

Inspite so much strength and valor,he is always at peace,just standing, never show tiredness.He never sits till its last breath. He is an animal with lot of positive vibrations.

I think today`s man has a lot of learn from this silent being `MY ASHWA'.

I draw different paintingsof horses which gives an inspiration of being an energetic and rising a speed to make a progress and also having rich and heavy personality.

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