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Shri Sant Gulab Baba was born on 1st July 1932 in a small village called TaakerKhed(More), which falls in Anjangaon Surji Taluka of Amravati City in Maharashtra(India). Sant was born in a poor family and had to do small odd jobs to sustain the livelihood of family members. From a very young age, he was very fond of listening to bhajans and became a follower of Guru Namanand Maharaj. Shri Sant Gulab Baba is Krishna’s avatar and he could play any musical instrument and would enchant his followers spreading harmony among them. He believed in the goodness of mankind. He always said. "Love others, Keep your mind pure and learn to love others" . Shri Sant Gulab Baba took his samadhi on 9th March 2001 in his hometown TaakerKhed

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